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Board game "Qazaq Khanate"
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  • Настольная игра Невероятное КоролевствоНастольная игра Невероятное Королевство
  • Сувенирная колода карт Казахское Ханство 54 шт картонСувенирная колода карт Казахское Ханство 54 шт картон
Характеристики и описание

Kazakhstan strategic board game based on the history and culture of the Kazakh people for you and your children.

"Kazakh Khanate" - a board game in the genre of national, historical strategy. The game will introduce you to the period of unification of zhuzes and the flourishing of the Kazakh Khanate. You are waited by an unpredictable plot and interaction with bytyrs and biys.


The Zhasauls to all Qazaq tribes announced in advance the news about the upcoming election of the Khan - Khan Sailau. On this occasion, women and children would put on their best clothes, and men came to Kurultai fully armed. Without their weapons, they did not have the right to vote and younger and stronger warriors could attempt to take their place. The Board game "Qazaq Khanate" gives players the opportunity to explore this exciting process, get the support of Qazaq tribes and unite them under their own flag, so that the winner is raised on a white koshma!

The purpose of each player to unite the Qazaq Tribes under the banner quicker than their rivals. The game is designed for 2 - 4 players. The winner is the one who first manages to attain support from a specific number of tribes in the territories, by placing their Yurts on the territory of the tribes.

●        To win in a game for two, a player needs to unite 21 Territory of Tribes.

●        To win in a game for three, a player needs to unite 15 Territory of Tribes.

●        To win in a game for four, a player needs to unite 11 Territory of Tribes.


• Rulebook in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

• Game board.

• 4 Flags of rivals.

• 45 Action Cards, 15 per each deck.

• 20 Hero Cards, 5 per each player.

• 80 Yurts, 20 per each player.

• 80 Wealth Tokens.

For 2-4 players

Age 10+


Board game

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Board game "Qazaq Khanate"

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Board game "Qazaq Khanate" в Алматы

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